A wide spectrum of study skill…

Cornelia Street, agence Brand Marketing et quali stratégique

Exploratory studies

Around a product category, a consumption theme, or a strategic target.
Ex: Men and skincare; The Millennials Makeup; Ethnic women faced to Western cosmetics.

Branded Fund

A 360 vision of the brand.
The vision of the targets Uts ‘The Guardians of the temple’ VS the gaze of Non Uts ‘The challengers’.

The detailed study of ‘devotees’

 (a brand, a segment)
Know thoroughly its devotees (mindset, lifestyle + psychological drivers to the brand, typologies)
to better reach its prospects.


Follow the launch of a project from the upstream to the operational result

Innovative approaches

Around the deployment of a brand, on a societal theme, behavior or a topic of consumption.

Extensive research work

 (Desk Research)
Crossing with our culture accumulated over the course of studies, extension and amplification through expert interviews.