Ad-hoc methods

adapted on measures to the study objective…

Cornelia Street agence Brand Marketing et stratégique quali

Diving depth in the real environment of the user, with marketing analysis and psy

• The ‘in-homes’ = home interviews with pictures taken, films…

• The ‘diaries’> = logbooks, life notebooks that users fill out upstream or downstream of the investigation – with inserting photos, collages, comments …

• The ‘mobiblogs’ = photo reports via smartphone shots taken on the fly and converging towards a dedicated blog…

Interactive and creative methods for groups

• Skits, improvisations.

• Creation of collages with semiotic/psy analysis.


• Antagonistic approach based on triggering the ‘psychodrama’.


• Communities
Evaluation over time of a brand, a product, textures…
Technical implementation by a specialized partner.
Animation and quali analysis by the team Cornelia Street.

• Blogs
Implementation for digital animation projects of shorter duration.